£10 Million Open-Access AMRICC Centre sets out the Future for Advanced Ceramics at Official Launch

The official launch of The AMRICC Centre took place on 14 February 2024

New Website Highlights Unique Opportunities for Advanced Ceramics Businesses and Academia at Multi-Million Pound Open-Access AMRICC Centre

The new AMRICC website was launched in January 2024

Landmark Year for £10 Million Open-Access AMRICC Centre Sees Midlands Vision for Advanced Ceramics Take Shape

Two Staffordshire manufacturers are among the early adopters of a pioneering new £10 million facility

What is The AMRICC Centre?

The AMRICC Centre is a unique open-access international facility, partly funded by UKRI through the Strength In Places Fund, that translates materials, processes, and technologies into real-world products and solutions through the commercialisation of innovative ideas.

If you’re…

  • Facing stubborn materials challenges
  • Considering trialling a new product or process
  • Interested in getting hands-on with the future of advanced ceramics technology

…then AMRICC can help.



Sintering at up to 3000°C. Cryogenics down to -196°C. Mechanical testing at 1,650°C. Microscopy at 2,000,000x magnification. Processes performed in a vacuum, or in atmospheres such as argon. The only facility in the world capable of Flash / Field Enhanced Sintering technology development at pilot scale. Find out what the UK’s only Centre of Excellence for Advanced Ceramics can do for you.


Training materials scientists with the talent and experience to compete globally in a range of industrial environments is at the heart of AMRICC’s purpose. What sets our educational opportunities apart? We recognise the value inherent in developing detailed business and commercial knowledge and hands-on practical experience, in addition to fundamental technical expertise

Who we work with

We’re dedicated to bridging the gap between academia and industry, and our collaborative partners reflect that. We work across organisations to pull inventions quickly from the laboratory, through pilot process and scale-up, to commercialisation. Why do our partners work with us? We significantly reduce time to market, and we cut the costs of commercialisation.


Get involved

AMRICC is an international, multi-organisational resource that is dedicated to taking materials science forwards. We’re in the business of opportunities – for education, for collaboration, for membership. Whether you’re here on behalf of a business, academia, or yourself, AMRICC has ways for you to get involved with what we're doing