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Vision and Aims

The AMRICC Centre is a hub for companies to seek technical support on their product development and commercialisation journey. This can be provided directly to meet individual companies’ needs, as well as part of collaborative activities across the ceramics sector, and with organisations in other industries that could benefit from AMRICC’s expertise.  


  • Delivers real-world solutions, using innovation, applied materials expertise, and state-of-the-art scale-up facilities to support and enable the development of commercial products quickly and cost-effectively 
  • Facilitates collaboration between academia, industry, and supporting partners to promote and support the world’s materials sector, particularly in the areas of advanced ceramics, metals, and composites 
  • Is unique in capabilities and expertise supporting advanced ceramic development, operating as a global, self-sustaining business

Our aim is to accelerate improvements to existing technology as well as bring innovation to market faster. The AMRICC Centre offers a centre of excellence for disruptive and novel materials technologies on their path to commercialisation, particularly related to advanced ceramics processing.