Overview | Degree Apprenticeships


Developing highly skilled materials scientists who have detailed business and commercial knowledge and hands-on practical experience, in addition to fundamental technical expertise, is at the heart of how AMRICC helps companies to reach new heights of commercial development and growth. 

Strengthening the talent pipeline of the local area in this way begins from early stages of education, which is why The AMRICC Centre attends school outreach activities starting from Key Stage 2 and upwards. Participating in Science Day events, delivering workshops, having a presence at career events, and many more activities all contribute to leaving a positive impression of science careers on young people and encouraging them to advance along a materials pathway.

The AMRICC Centre also offers placement opportunities from high school through to postdoctoral level. Our kit is operated and maintained by expert technicians, providing an excellent opportunity for placement participants to see cutting-edge kit operated in an industrial environment. For younger students, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to see inside a real business, working on real projects and delivering outcomes that matter to local clients.

Our Materials Science Technologist degree (BEng) apprenticeship course, developed and delivered in partnership with the University of Derby and approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education, delivers top-class education in combination with invaluable working experience, ensuring that apprentices will gain a wide range of knowledge, skills, and behaviours that have been identified by materials employers as future-proof for a career in materials science.

Finally, The AMRICC Centre offers postgraduate students opportunities for level six candidates and above to solidify their education into a world-class set of skills. Mentoring and industrial support is available to develop candidates beyond technical learning and into commercial understanding and exposure to industrially relevant research. The aim is to round out a skillset through experience, building future leadership skills, cross-functional understanding and personal networks, ensuring that AMRICC postgraduates can become influential, both commercially and scientifically, as they develop beyond their work in the centre.

Regardless of developmental stage, The AMRICC Centre can support the growth of individual students as they acquire materials science capabilities, developing the skills to compete globally in a range of industrial environments. Get in touch with us here to find out what current opportunities we have available.