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Technical Testing Capabilities

Our scale-up pilot work is underpinned by a range of cutting-edge development and test facilities. 

Our experienced team of scientists and engineers use these facilities to nurture and improve concepts, products, processes, and technologies, as well as verify results.

Analytical and evaluation capabilities include:

  • physical testing 
  • high temperature performance testing 
  • chemical analysis 
  • microstructural analysis 
  • mechanical and fatigue testing 
  • metallurgical evaluation 
  • a full suite of advanced surface analysis techniques

Technical Capabilities

Capabilities Chart

Access to our testing capabilities provides support for your larger projects. Effective partnerships are grown through wider-scale collaboration, not just individual items of testing.

The AMRICC Centre’s range of equipment is intended to cover all processing steps used across the advanced ceramics industry, capable of adapting to each project we undertake.

Our flexible array of kit positions you to be able to take advantage of our unified capabilities, operated by our expert technicians, scientists, and engineers capable of responding exactly to customer-specific needs. We offer the opportunity for our clients to be on-site during activity, observing every detail in person. 

The AMRICC Centre's collection of equipment has been handpicked and tailored to handle the requirements of cutting-edge advanced ceramics manufacturing processes. Contact us here to discuss your requirements, arrange a visit, or discover our full range of equipment.