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Commercialisation of products and processes is what The AMRICC Centre is all about - our prototyping, testing, and pilot plant facilities form the backbone of this.

As a one-stop scale-up and technology development facility for the ceramic sector that’s all under one roof, The AMRICC Centre offers you the tools to obtain accurate and precise results, as well as a full understanding of why they occurred. Our prototyping and development expertise, complementing our ability to carry out small-scale trials, helps companies to bring innovation and new ideas to market faster.

The range of supporting analytical capabilities available to you is also extensive, including:

  • Sample preparation techniques: cutting, grinding, polishing, and hardness testing
  • Detailed particle analysis capability: dynamic particle shape, zeta potential, and contact angle
  • Dimension scanning capability and microscopy
  • Numerous mechanical testing and analytical techniques

With the range of options available to you through our centralised facility, you’ll be guaranteed to find a solution that works for your product, built out in industrial conditions, in one location.

We are also supporting the development of “Industry 4.0” for the ceramics industry and beyond, including process optimisation for manufacturing sites, researching and implementing technologies related to sensors, time-series data acquisition and processing, AI and Machine Learning, computational modelling of key manufacturing processes, and digital twinning.

By taking advantage of the opportunities present in our real-world flexible adaptable pilot-scale process configurations, we’re increasing understanding of how implementing “Industry 4.0” practices can improve operational efficiency and help to meet increasingly ambitious waste reduction and energy efficiency targets.