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Extreme Conditions

As the UK's only Centre of Excellence for Advanced Ceramics, The AMRICC Centre’s range of equipment has been designed to encompass the needs of the ceramics sector as it adopts the techniques required for the evaluation and manufacture of advanced materials.

The cutting-edge equipment suite provides capabilities that are rarely available elsewhere, and covers a range of extreme conditions, from densification with hot or cold isostatic pressure, to sintering at up to 3000°C, sintering in a vacuum, or in atmospheres such as argon.

Our cryogenic mechanical testing covers tensile testing, fracture toughness, and high/low cycle fatigue at temperatures from -196°C to ambient. Our elevated temperature mechanical testing covers compression, creep, flexural strength, shear strength, and many more at a temperature range from ambient up to 1,650°C. Our FEG-SEM microscopy equipment visualises at resolutions of 0.8nm at 15kV or 0.9nm at 1kV, providing up to 2,000,000x magnification. Each of these individual aspects of analysis is impressive, but they all form part of a larger picture – by making these capabilities accessible all in one place, we have assembled a truly unique facility that presents the most complete and in-depth snapshot of your product’s characteristics and attributes currently available.

The centre covers conventional and non-conventional manufacturing methods such as additive manufacturing, and both conventional and novel sintering techniques such as Flash and Hybrid Sintering, with all of this supported by our extensive suite of testing and analytics capability, and all at greater-than-lab scale.