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Pay As You Go

Do you want to:

  • Turn your innovative ideas into commercial products?
  • Develop new materials and material processes to save money, time, and energy?
  • Pull inventions from the laboratory, through pilot process and scale-up, to fully costed commercially viable products and/or processes? 

...then engage with AMRICC on a pay-as-you-go basis by commissioning material and/or process development and commercialisation projects. 

Projects could comprise: 

  • materials and process R&D 
  • materials and processes scale-up 
  • financial and commercial valuations for investment related to materials manufacture and processing

Regardless of membership status, application-specific projects will always remain strictly confidential and not be disclosed to other members, giving you complete confidence in your commercially sensitive projects or developments. 

To discuss your requirements with a member of staff, contact us here or at enquiries@amricc.com