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What is AMRICC?

The AMRICC Centre is a unique open-access international facility that translates materials, processes, and technologies into real-world products and solutions through the commercialisation of innovative ideas.

As the UK's only advanced ceramics pilot-scale facility, it provides the ability to rapidly solve materials development and production challenges, and thus accelerate products to market.

The AMRICC Centre serves as a Centre of Excellence for the development of advanced ceramic technologies. It combines capabilities from powder processing, forming, sintering, and testing, all the way through the manufacturing process - notably all in one place.

The cutting-edge equipment suite provides capabilities that are rarely available elsewhere, and covers a range of extreme conditions, from densification with hot or cold isostatic pressure, to sintering up to 3000 degrees, sintering in a vacuum, or in atmospheres such as argon.

It uses the expertise of scientists, engineers, data scientists, and computational modellers to turn innovative ideas into market-ready technologies.  

Materials matter in shaping the world and moving us into the future, yet to develop and transition a new material from initial discovery to practical use can take 20 years or more. The AMRICC Centre serves to bridge that gap as a world-class facility where advanced materials and materials processes will be fast-tracked into commercial products.