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What does The AMRICC Centre do?

  • Supports innovation around existing and new materials including ceramics and the application of ceramics 
  • Reduces time, risk, and costs to industry for scale-up testing on new materials and material processes
  • Develops all the commercial and financial details to support investment business cases

The AMRICC Centre is a unique facility which enables companies to move faster and more efficiently from innovative ideas to commercial products. Both conventional and novel techniques are covered, supported by a suite of testing and analytics capability, and all overarched by deep expertise in machine learning and computational modelling.

The facility consists of adaptable pilot-scale processes, with end-to-end capability through all the manufacturing steps involved in ceramics and advanced ceramics manufacturing. These can be uniquely configured to directly meet customers’ needs, both in terms of the ordering of the processes as well as the amount of material to be processed in a batch or semi-automated production line.

Key commercialisation activities include:

  • Early prototyping and development trails
  • Scale-up and optimisation of manufacturing processes
  • Production trial batches of small volumes
  • Small-scale trials of standard processes for productivity and performance improvement
  • Scaling up of innovation

Work is undertaken for a range of critical industry sectors, including aerospace, defence, energy, healthcare, and many others.

The facility is staffed by expert technicians, scientists (including data scientists, material informaticians, and computational modellers), and engineers capable of responding exactly to customers’ specific needs.  

This capability will help industry to develop, manufacture, and deploy advanced materials faster and more effectively to meet changing market needs.