NASC - National Advanced Sintering Centre

NASC will draw together a pool of expertise from industry and academia to deliver a step change in the UK’s research and development capacity into sintering technologies, bringing technologies quickly to market.

This world-leading research will translate into:

  • Product and process development in sintering – to develop the fundamental understanding of ceramic sintering approaches and the resulting properties to enable manufacturers to meet customers’ needs for multi-material systems and operation in demanding environments.
  • Digital manufacturing - understanding the potential of digital manufacturing methods, such as Additive Manufacturing, in ceramic manufacture.
  • Computer modelling of processes and properties, focused on ceramics - to accelerate product development cycles and extend the range of materials and processing conditions beyond those studied experimentally.

Focusing on technologies such as Flash, Cold, Microwave, and Spark Plasma sintering, the research will accelerate development cycles and widen the breadth of applications, while the collaborative platform will lead to technical breakthroughs. And, through AMRICC’s extensive pilot and scale-up facilities, (not currently available in a single university or research establishment), innovative concepts from the laboratory will be turned into viable commercial products and processes.

Who is involved?

Ten UK HEIs are working with Lucideon to develop NASC: Oxford University, Birmingham University, Imperial College, QMUL, Manchester University, Sheffield University, Loughborough University, The Open University, Surrey University and Hertfordshire University. Staffordshire University will support the research project. Overseas universities will also collaborate: Penn State University, NCSU and Colorado University.

Projects include:

  • Development of a manufacturing route for Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) for aerospace engines - using novel sintering and additive manufacturing.
  • Low temperature sintering processes to manufacture solid state electrolytes more cost-effectively for batteries and fuel cells.
  • Game changing functional materials - electronic capacitors and piezo electronics for next generation communication systems.

Want to get involved in NASC or find out more?

Call Cathryn Hickey on +44 (0)1782 764333



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