About Us

In this section you can learn more about AMRICC – what it is, why it was set up, what it will do, its visions and aims, its Founding Investors and the partnerships that it creates and cultivates.

Materials matter in shaping the world we know and enabling the future we dream of. Yet to develop and transition a new material from initial discovery to practical use can take 20 years or more. AMRICC is a world-class centre where advanced materials and materials processes will be fast-tracked into commercial products. That is why it is so important.

Cathryn Hickey, Chief Executive

Become a founding investor

  • Direct financial return on investment via shareholder dividends through IP royalties and potential development contracts
  • Preview of developing ‘commercial technocrats’ and priority opportunity to offer employment
  • 20% discount on development contracts
  • Early access to ‘world beating’ technologies.

Study for an industrial PhD, MSc or apprenticeship with us