Founding Investor

Do you want to turn innovative ideas into market-ready technologies and processes? Become a Founding Investor of AMRICC with capital investment from your business.

Founding Investor Brochure

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Why invest in AMRICC?

  • Capital investment by your business with no recurring membership fees
  • Direct financial return on investment via shareholder dividends through IP royalties and potential development contracts
  • 20% discount on development contracts with AMRICC
  • Priority access to AMRICC's bespoke commercialisation service
  • Early access to 'world beating' technologies
  • Preview of developing 'commercial technocrats' and priority opportunity to offer employment
  • Seat on AMRICC's Advisory Body with an opportunity to be a member of the governing body that oversees and influences AMRICC's investments and direction
  • Access to horizon scanning and scenario planning to aid future company strategy development
  • Engagement with industry-syndicated research at a lower cost.