Postgraduate Development Programme

AMRICC will produce the 'commercial technocrats' of the future - materials scientists with detailed business and commercial knowledge, hands-on practical experience and fundamental technical expertise.

Our vision is to increase the capacity for translational change by developing materials scientists who will not only have deep technical skills derived from their research, but also a broader understanding of business, economics and finance so that they can understand the market potential of their research in the real world.


The postgraduate school will offer second degrees in ‘industrial materials science’, awarded by some of the world’s leading universities that specialise in materials.  We are currently in negotiations with world-class universities to offer industrial PhDs and MScs.

The AMRICC postgraduate degrees will give the best in industrial and commercial training, alongside applied research opportunities, so developing the skills to compete globally in a range of industrial environments.

Industrial Sponsorship

Students will be sponsored by international industrial organisations who will have first option on the choice of the best talent in AMRICC for future key managerial positions in their organisations.  This will provide progression pathways from postgraduate studies through to employment.

Creating the Materials Scientists of the Future

The programme aims to bring the postgraduate students together with researchers and build future leadership skills, cross functional understanding and personal networks, ensuring that AMRICC postgraduates can become influential, both commercially and scientifically, as they develop beyond their work in the centre.  

At the same time we hope to create an environment where a community of future leaders will be able to take on the material challenges of the future.

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New Multi-Million-Pound AMRICC Centre puts the Midlands at the Heart of Global Advanced Ceramics

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AMRICC and Lucideon Join CaSE

Study for an industrial PhD, MSc or apprenticeship with us

Become a founding investor

  • Direct financial return on investment via shareholder dividends through IP royalties and potential development contracts
  • Early access to ‘world beating’ technologies
  • 20% discount on development contracts
  • Preview of developing ‘commercial technocrats’ and priority opportunity to offer employment.