Degree Apprenticeship in Materials

Approval Received from The Institute for Apprenticeships

We are pleased to announce that the employer materials trailblazer group has received notification from the Institute for Apprenticeships (IFA) that the proposal and application to facilitate the development of a trailblazer degree apprenticeship in materials has been approved. AMRICC played a significant role in gathering and collating all of the employer evidence to support this success.

The group is now developing the occupational standards and assessment plan which will enable the apprenticeship program to get underway. The degree apprenticeship in materials will include a full Honours (level 6) degree.

Once developed, AMRICC will assist the university partners in delivering the degree apprenticeship in materials. The degree apprenticeship will offer employers an exciting opportunity to develop their current and future workforce using specially designed standards which reflect the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to operate effectively in defined roles across a range of material disciplines.

The employer group represents over 40,000 UK employees and 150,000 globally.  The group was consulted, and it is they who determined the need for this qualification; they will now define its content. The qualification will be modular and cover different types of materials, their properties, engineering issues and a range of different sector uses. A mixture of technical and commercial content to meet the needs of a manager in a production, operational or laboratory environment will also be included.

Key material areas will include ceramics and advanced ceramics, metals, adhesives, polymers and composites, glasses and rubbers, as well as new materials such as graphene. The materials were defined by the employer group to meet their specific manufacturing and production needs.

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