Degree Apprenticeship in Materials - Materials Science Technologist (Level 6)

The Institute for Apprenticeships has agreed the standard for this apprenticeship.

We are pleased to announce that the employer trailblazer group for this apprenticeship has received notification from the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) that the standard for this apprenticeship has been agreed.

Following detailed work throughout the summer, which pulled together all the input from supporting employers, the apprenticeship standard for the Materials Science Technologist was developed and submitted to the IfA in September. This included detailing all the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) that would be expected of someone in the workplace having completed the apprenticeship.

On 8 November 2018 the Chair of the trailblazer group received notification that both the engineering and manufacturing route panels in the IfA, and the IfA Board, had agreed the apprenticeship standard subject to some minor conditions.  This is great news and moves the apprenticeship closer to being available for delivery.

The employer group supporting the development of this apprenticeship includes more than 50 companies representing 40,000 UK employees and 150,000 employees globally. The contribution and input from the group enabled the depth of industrial need and breadth of support for the standard to be strongly presented and agreement gained.

The next step is now the development of the end point assessment for the apprenticeship.  A detailed workshop is taking place on 20 November, bringing together employers, universities and professional bodies, to develop and design the assessment so that it links directly to the (KSBs) in the standard.

AMRICC has played a key secretariat role for the development of the apprenticeship, on behalf of the employers, by gathering and collating all the employer evidence. AMRICC will also work with university partners in helping to deliver the degree apprenticeship in materials.

Material science and engineering have a hugely significant role to play in the economy in the future. The apprenticeship will provide students with the skills, knowledge and competency to deliver tangible benefits to individual companies and will play a part in supporting the UK economy overall with significant advances in productivity, quality and environmental protection.

The apprenticeship will be modular and cover different types of materials, their properties, engineering issues and a range of different sector uses. A mixture of technical and commercial content to meet the needs of a manager in production, operations, laboratory, or innovation environments will also be included.

Key material areas will include ceramics and advanced ceramics, metals, adhesives, polymers and composites, glasses and rubbers, as well as new materials such as graphene.  The materials were defined by the employer group to meet their specific manufacturing, production and operational requirements.

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Materials Degree Apprenticeship Standard is Agreed by the IFA


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