Trailblazer Application Input for the Development of a Degree Apprenticeship in Materials

Apprenticeship Standard: Materials Technology Professional

Submission contact details:
Questions to be answered on the government trailblazer application form:
Question 11
Please provide a full description of the occupational role(s) involved in a proposed core and options standard: Refer to the criteria and guidance set out in the how to guide for trailblazers. It is particularly important to include the main duties and responsibilities – what an individual in this occupation will actually be doing; the range of environments/sectors/industries in which someone in this occupation could work; a summary of key competencies/skills required for full occupational competence; how the occupational role typically fits within the wider work hierarchy; who would they be working with; and what is the usual relationship between roles in your organisation.
Question 12
Please provide an overview of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for these roles
Question 13
How will the apprenticeship allow an individual to develop transferrable skills to perform the role in a business for any size or relevant sector?
Additional information you would like to provide: