What is AMRICC?

AMRICC is a unique international facility that translates materials, processes and technologies into real world products and solutions through the commercialisation of innovative ideas.

It uses the expertise of scientists, engineers, financial analysts and economists to turn innovative ideas into market-ready technologies. 

Using world-class pilot scale facilities, AMRICC develops ideas into prototypes and then into commercial products and processes.

AMRICC provides an unparalleled educational facility that, in partnership with some of the world’s leading universities, develops the 'commercial technocrats' of the future – materials scientists with business acumen and industrial experience. This will build a pipeline of talented people who are able to lead and commercialise scientific breakthroughs in businesses for the future.

Why work with AMRICC?

  • Be the first to market
  • Cut the total costs of commercialisation
  • Time to market is significantly reduced.

The unique 5 Ps of AMRICC are:

  • PRODUCT - scale up and manufacture initial batches of new products
  • PROCESS - fine-tune commercial process for full production
  • PROBLEMS - resolve operational and technical problems
  • PEOPLE - identify and supply the future talent pipeline
  • PLAN - develop technical, financial and economic business cases for commercialisation.
  • Material 1
  • Processes
  • Technology


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