What does AMRICC do?


  • Innovates around existing and new materials including ceramics and the application of ceramics.
  • Reduces time, risk and costs to industry for scale-up testing on new materials and material processes.
  • Pulls inventions quickly from the laboratory, through pilot process and scale-up to commercialisation.
  • Develops detailed investment business cases.
  • Prepares a pipeline of the most able scientific and engineering business-ready postgraduates and apprentices – who can be acquired by industry, either with the technology they have developed, or separately, to help technology transfer and development.  This will help to fill the void of a chronic shortage of commercially-able material scientists in the UK.
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  • Time saving
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£18.27 Million Investment Puts Midlands Firmly on the Map for Advanced Ceramics

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Materials Degree Apprenticeship Set to Welcome First Students

Study for an industrial PhD, MSc or apprenticeship with us

Become a founding investor

  • Direct financial return on investment via shareholder dividends through IP royalties and potential development contracts
  • Early access to ‘world beating’ technologies
  • 20% discount on development contracts
  • Preview of developing ‘commercial technocrats’ and priority opportunity to offer employment.